YFL Scarf Ring Tutorial #TheYunaStyle featuring Yunalis Zarai


To learn more on how to style your scarf ring this way, you may have to play this short tutorial video. It is call the #yfltheyunastyle

Have you heard about our scarf ring? Our custom made scarf rings are one of the most cherished accessories that you can have! They add a fantastic mileage to your scarf and open up so many different and interesting ways on how you can style your scarf! Watch how Yuna style her scarf using the #yflscarfring!

They are easy to use and fun to play with, giving any scarf a perfect and stylish finishing touch, and also holding your scarf securely in place!
So, mixed up your morning routine with exploring and trying new style!

Scarf : Classy and Chic in Pink

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