TIMA 2.0

We are so happy to see your feedback on our Tima! Banyak yang personally message cakap thank you for producing Tima, saying Tima ni sangat selesa, kain best, bagi nampak cantik dan kurus. They are all happy customers and we feel so blessed. Alhamdulillah.

The first version of Tima ni sold out dalam beberapa hari sahaja and we did restock the first version untuk beberapa kali sampai lah ada feedback yang cakap they want the sleeve to be a bit longer, so here you go sisters!

The team decided to make Tima 2.0 with a better fabric, design, and colors. We have actually launched this Tima 2.0 during the iconic 11/11, and again tak mengecewakan, Alhamdulillah we managed to sell 500pcs within hours sahaja.

To celebrate this milestone of ours, please do enjoy this “I said i like the Tima” video. Memang sangat selesa, cantik, modern dan modest. Enjoy!

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