SKU: Buttoned Slim Fit Kurta and Slim Fit Pants.

Buttoned Slim Fit Kurta and Slim Fit Pants

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This Kurta is specially designed for men who desired to have a simple yet versatile and trendy look. Made from premium high quality lustrous Cotton Linen which makes the wearer feel airy and comfortable at anytime that suits for all season and occasions. Buttoned Slim Fit Kurta and Slim Fit Pants comes with five (5) exclusive colours that meet everyone’s style.

Washing Instructions:

Washing: Wash by using a washing machine or washing by hand. If machine, use the appropriate wash cycle. Avoid fabric softeners, as this can dull the finish.

Water temperature: Wash in warm or cool water (30°C or below) to prevent shrinking and fading. Use hot water carefully, as washing cotton in hot water can cause it to shrink.
*NOTE: The best way to prevent your garments from losing their colour is to hand wash them in cold water.

Drying: Cotton fabrics can be air-dried or machine dried using moderate-to-low heat. High heats can cause cotton fibers to shrink.

Ironing: Iron on high heat while fabric is slightly damp. Use steam as needed. Note that ironing can usually be avoided by air drying or removing immediately from the machine.


Fabric Composition:

100% Cotton Linen

Weight 0.8 kg

Baby Grey, Jet Black, Maroon, Midnight Blue, Sahara Brown


S, M, L, XL, XXL