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  • Study fashion trends and anticipate designs that will appeal to consumers
  • Decide on a theme for a collection
  • Use computer-aided design programs (CAD) to create designs
  • Visit manufacturers or trade shows to get fabric samples
  • Select fabrics, embellishments, colours, or style for each garment or accessory
  • Work with other designers or team members to create a prototype design
  • Present design ideas to the creative director or showcase them in fashion or trade shows
  • Market designs to clothing retailers or directly to consumers
  • Oversee the final production of their designs
  • Producing concepts
  • Making sketches by hand or on computers
  • Developing patterns
  • Analyzing trends in fabrics, colors and shapes
  • Sourcing suppliers
  • Selecting and buying fabrics and trims
  • Adapting existing designs for mass production
  • Supervising the making up of sample garments
  • Quality control
  • Assist company superiors


  • Fulfill all online orders
  • Perform stocktake weekly
  • Perform stock in once stocks arrive from the supplier
  • Ensure that all products have their own barcodes
  • Perform quality check before packing out all the orders
  • Liaise with customers through our customer services channels
  • Ensure stock across all our distribution channels are adequately stocked up with products


  • Create advertising and marketing material such as banners, flyers, posters
  • Understand designing elements
  • Assist in photography sessions
  • Brainstorm ideas to generate brand traction
  • Innovative and artistic with a deep interest in, and knowledge of, the latest fashion trends.
  • Carrying out research, pre-production and preparation for shooting/campaigns.
  • Work closely with fashion designers and other departments to ensure that the final outcome of the shoots is aligned with the branding.
  • Provide product photos & videos or any other materials for marketing purposes.
  • Capturing and processing images until you achieve desired results.
  • Create & develop ideas for brand awareness, campaigns & promotions.
  • Using an extensive range of technical equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and editing software and able to work well with them.
  • Photo/Video shoots in a wide variety of locations and be able to work well with varying light conditions.
  • Communicating well with photographic subjects and talents putting them at ease, encouraging them and directing them.
  • Constantly improve image quality using various photography technique and editing methods.
  • Maintain & upgrade current equipment so that it remains in good working condition.
  • Maintain an in depth understanding of photographic best practices and procedures.
  • Administrate the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content on available selling platform.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned by the superiors.


  • Maintain account payables and receivables
  • Data entry
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Assist in audit preparation
  • Monthly account closing
  • GST filing
  • Maintain cash flow systems


  • Help to increase the customer database by creating a medium of it
  • Creative in planning to deliver brand values
  • Plan out how to interact with customers
  • Help to analyze and create a plan to engage the target market
  • Help to analyze competitors in order to create a plan for engagement
  • Help to organize market research
  • Creative in delivering ideas for advertising plans
  • Help to analyze promotion activities suitable to the market
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